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Our Partners

In our delivery of the Fair Start Scotland service, Momentum has decided to take a one team approach working in partnership with a variety of organisations that have experience of supporting those living in the North East. 

  • Aberdeen Foyer

    “Everyone needs a home, support and a springboard into independent living, learning and work. Some don’t have it. Aberdeen Foyer helps fill the gap”.

    The Foyer is a successful social enterprise working to support individuals in communities in the North East of Scotland.

    Established in Aberdeen in 1995 in response to concerns about youth homelessness and unemployment, the Foyer has reached beyond its early focus and provides various services across the region.

    The Foyer helps people build confidence and develop their skills and talents to make major changes in their lives.

    The Foyer delivers linked up services - education, training, mentoring, counselling, employment support and health improvement initiatives to people of all ages.

    The Foyer are proud of the many individuals who have worked hard, persevered and have been committed to completing training programmes and engaging in services following periods of transition in their lives.

    Such success lies in taking a positive approach to working with people, some of whom have had a difficult start in life.  In order to support people the Foyer believes they must look at the individual’s potential, look beyond the problem. By focusing on a person's interests, talents, skills and attributes they can support them to identify what they would like to achieve and then help put in place the steps they need to take to reach their goals.

  • Enable Scotland

    Enable Scotland are a Scottish charity, working for an equal society for every person who has a learning disability.

    They were founded in 1954 by five sets of parents of children who had a learning disability. They believed that their children had the same rights as everyone else. This is still what Enable believes and fights for today.

    Every day Enable Scotland campaigns to end discrimination and break down the barriers that prevent people who have a learning disability from living as equal members of society.

    Creating more opportunities for people who have a learning disability to make connections and be active in their communities through providing personalised support that enables people who have a learning disability to find work, develop their skills and live the life they choose.

  • Enterprise Mentoring

    Enterprise Mentoring is perhaps the leading specialist Self-Employment organisation in the UK, supporting individuals with disabilities into Self-Employment.

    Founded in 2004, they have now supported over 2,000 people to transform their lives by successfully starting their own business.

    The ethos of Enterprise Mentoring can be summed up by their logo – “Empowering People through Enterprise”. They are genuinely customer-centred in their approach. This means that they offer customised support on a one-to-one basis. Always meeting clients locally, in a place where they feel comfortable.

    Enterprise Mentors experts support each person throughout the journey, covering:-

    • Developing your business idea.
    • Market research.
    • Completing a Business Plan.
    • Accessing specialist disability support.
    • Sourcing funding.
    • Registering with HMRC and claiming any benefits you are entitled to.
    • Support after you have started your business, from the same Mentor.