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Work First Scotland success for Alastair

Alastair began his journey with Momentum on the ESF programme back in April 2017. During his time on the ESF programme Alastair attended some of the  various workshops that are offered as part of the programme. These range from CV building to time keeping and everthing inbetween that would help to build his confidence and job searching skills.

As part of this Alastair completed his pre – ECDL training to help him upskill so he could have more variety in job searching, Alastair completed the course with flying colours and quickly progressed onto the main ECDL course in September 2017. At the same time this allowed Alastair to move onto further employability training with Momentums Work First Programme which is being delivered in Galashiels.

On the Work First Programme Alastair started applying for jobs with the support and guidance of his Job Coach and soon was offered an interview for HGS in Selkirk for the position of Administrator / Customer Technical Support advisor. This is a position he had applied for before but was unsuccessful. To support Alastair with his upcoming interview he received Interview Skills training with his Job Coach who helpped make sure he felt fully prepared for his interview, this proved to be the case as Alastair was offered the position with an immediate start and proved to be a huge asset with HGS! 

Alastair had impressed HGS so much that they halved his 3 month probationary period and offered him the full time permanent position early!

Alastair stated:

“Well, this is now my 12th week, this means this is my longest job since moving to Scotland! Maybe even my longest job in my life so far and looks like am going to be doing it for some time to come! Definitely got the hang of things now and my probation period has been halved, I just want to say a big thank you to Momentum Galashiels as I would never have known I was capable of working in this environment, and the fantastic support I have received and still continue to receive! Thank you"

We wish Alastair all the best in his employment and congradulate him on putting in the hard work that with the support from Momentums services in Galashiels has helped him to achieve so much.