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Work First Scotland success for Wendy

Wendy first learned about Work First Scotland service when she visited her local job centre in January. At this time she was very upset and confused as she had just lost her job which had a devastating effect on her mental health and day to day activities.

"I was suffering from depression and anxiety and felt isolated my confidence and self-esteem was non-existent. I was willing to try anything to get away from these feelings."

At first Wendy was unsure that Momentum would be able to help her, however after a few 1 to 1 meetings with Employment Advisor Carole MacKenzie she started to believe that this was the right service for her.  As well as the 1 to 1 sessions Wendy took part in further training and gradually began to recover.

"She was tough but on reflection I needed this approach to make me realize I had been stuck with my own negative thoughts. Although my circumstances through losing my job Carole could see my values were much greater than I had been made to feel."

As Wendy’s confidence grew she started to attend training classes within a group setting where she learned the tools she needed to improve her confidence and self-esteem, as well as update her CV.

"She helped me realize again that I was important and would be a valuable asset back into the workplace. There were a few hurdles, but she helped me confront any problem head-on."

These skills have allowed Wendy to grow and develop not just professionally but personally as well, making an impact on her life outside of looking for work.

"I recently went on holiday and took time to work on myself using my tools and relaxed for the first time in years. On return I went for two interviews with the second being successful by showing my skills, values and renewed confidence and self-esteem. I am now awaiting my contract of work which is full time hours within the Care Sector. I feel I can catch my feelings about the past and put them where they belong and start afresh with all my qualifications and experience I hope to stay in my preferred line of work and feel confident to ask for any training and support I may need. This includes any future support from Momentum Skills. I do not think I would have recovered so quickly from having the bad experience if it wasn’t for Momentum Skills now I can move forward with my life."