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Train The Trainer Success

Valarie, a participant in our Fair Start Scoland service in Glasgow has been celebrating her recent success after completing a 'Train the Trainer' course. 

The course covered various topics including –

  • How to handle Group Dynamics
  • The different Attitudes, skills, and knowledge that make a successful trainer
  • The role and responsibility of a professional trainer
  • The different learning styles that Participants have ( Different styles of learning and quickly adapting to individuals and groups to deliver the most understandable ways that the Participants will learn)
  • How to design and produce Training courses, tutor notes, Daily agenda, Hand-outs
  • Understanding the objective that your training provides
  • Identify appropriate training methods
  • Using your voice, body language, and tone the right way to engage and create interest
  • Identify tough Participants and use appropriate techniques to manage them


Valarie was presented with a certificate for completing the ‘Train the Trainer’ course which has had a positive impact on Valarie who had been struggling with her confidence before the course. 

After being presented with her certificate Valarie went on to send the bellow feedback to Gary the Delivery Manager. 


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunity to shadow in the Training Courses and "dip my toe" into a different type of career.

I've really enjoyed the experience and David has been a great support and given me a lot of guidance and tips.  Both he and Robert have shown a lot of faith in me.

The effort you went to and framing the certificate meant a great deal to me, and made today very special."


You can find out more about Fair Start Scotland HERE