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Employment Success for Tracy

Employment Success for Tracy

In November 2015, Tracy was referred by NHS Addictions to the mARC service. Working closely with the mARC team in Irvine, Tracy identified the areas she would need support in; substance prevention, housing support, financial support and eventually employment.

First steps were to solve her housing issues and Tracy was referred to Irvine Housing Association. She was offered a new tenancy which was more suited to her needs and able to continue with support from mArch.

As part of her progression Tracy requested assistance in steps towards employment and was then referred to the Strathclyde Momentum Programme. Working with an Occupational Therapist in group work activities helped to build Tracy’s confidence and self-awareness of her skills.

Through one to one support from her Job Coach a new CV and cover letter were jointly prepared and discussions surrounded best practices on how to approach local employers. Mock interviews were arranged to prepare positive answers likely to come from the targeted job sectors. The Job Coach helped Tracy secured two interviews. Although unsuccessful with one the feedback from the employer was positive, this was then taken forward into her next interview with Marston’s.

Marston’s identified her skill set and potential following her interview and offered Tracy the post of Receptionist. She accepted the job offer and started working with the organisation in April 2016.

Tracy has now been employed at Marston’s for 6 months and has become a key member of the front of house team, stating that she loves her new life and that the supports provided by all areas within Momentum were crucial to her substance prevention and reaching her employment goals.

Marston’s General Manager, Mark Watson, added that Tracy was an integral and valued member of the team who settled into a demanding role effortlessly