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Toms Testimonial

Toms Testimonial

Tom recently called our centre in Paisley to give some lovely feedback on the support he had received and the impact it had on his life.

”I wished to thank you all for your level of professionalism over the last few months and the genuine support that you collectively gave me. You boosted my confidence, created my CV, empowered me with words of wisdom and made me feel good about myself again. The icing on the cake was when you encouraged and supported me to apply for a vacancy, which resulted in me securing a Job."

A huge well done to Angela, Morag and Glen for doing such great work as well as huge congratulations to Tom for successfully getting a new job!

In addition to the above, Tom added that

"Due to all of the above wonderful support that I was given during and after securing employment, my life has literally turned upside down. I have save some money and feel valued again as a human being contributing to society. I love life again all thanks to Momentum."