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National Allotment Week 8th – 14th August

National Allotment Week 8th – 14th August

This week is national allotment week, which this year is focusing on the inclusive nature of allotment gardening.

This is something Momentum has first-hand knowledge of through our Bellahouston Garden Project which support those with a brain injury to reintegrate with their community through allotment gardening.

Those who work in the allotment benefit from both the physical aspects of working in an allotment but also the social and communal aspects of working with others to organise and manage the allotment. As well as having a cup of tea and a chat.

As one of our lovely clients has said:

“My stamina was low, my confidence was low but it built up. I was a bit of a hermit but now I come up here and do some work and have a chat. We have a laugh and a joke, it’s like I’m a new man”
If you are interested in allotments our Bellahouston garden is having an open day on the 14th of September.