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Momentum Skills’ Clients Quiz Aberdeen South MP

Momentum Skills’ Clients Quiz Aberdeen South MP

Scott Rogers, Keith Fenton, Keith Thomson, Liz Howarth, Dame Anne Begg MP, Ruaraidh Petrie and Angela Whyte at the Momentum Skills event in Aberdeen.

Dame Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South, visited the Momentum Skill's Pathways project recently to field questions from people who take part in the programme.

The MP fielded questions from the people who attend the Momemtum Skills' Pathways vocational rehabilitation centre for people with an acquired brain injury.

She said: “I always welcome the opportunity to meet with groups in my constituency to listen to the issues that concern them and our discussion ranged from topics such as the licensing of mobility scooters to the forthcoming referendum on independence. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and I would like to thank Momentum for inviting me along.”

Liz Howarth, tutor with the Pathways prgramme, said: "The participants from Momentum invested a lot of time and hard work researching and preparing for Anne’s visit. This provoked lots of exciting discussions on key issues ranging from local concerns such as Union Terrace Gardens to national issues including immigration and national service.

“But more than this, it’s essential that people who access the programme have the opportunity to engage with the politicians and decision makers that make the policies that affect them.

"The Welfare Reforms are inevitably going to have an impact on the people who use our service, and as Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, Dame Anne Begg is well placed to take on board the concerns of our clients.”

Following the visit, Billy Little, a Momentum client, said: "I enjoyed Dame Anne Begg's visit to Momentum, including the debate on why all the political parties are scared to put up a referendum on the EU. Her views were enlightening to me even though I disagreed with them.

“However, for me, the most interesting and enlightening debate was one we had on assisted suicide. This was because she showed the obstacles that surround this topic and how sensitive the subject is."