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Momentum Skills continue to find new solutions for helping disadvantaged groups. Today they announce an alternative new initiative, called the ‘Smart Skills’ programme by Daily Wake Up, to support sustainable employment.

The Smart Skills programme is delivered online, connecting with clients, and giving them further work readiness provision. This approach provides clients with an additional community based starting point for their personal and professional development, and it complements both existing services and the role of the local Job Advisors.

Through this initiative, Daily Wake Up will assist Momentum Skills in their goal of getting more Work Choice and SES clients into work, and staying in the job, beyond the 13-week milestone. The programme is delivered daily, over a minimum period of 30 consecutive days.

Smart Skills is designed to:

• engage with, and motivate long term unemployed groups
• help participants feel empowered each morning
• boost energy levels and improve decision making
• enhance overall feelings of well-being
• build confidence with positive thinking and mindfulness

Jamie Hughes, of Momentum Skills, said “We are delighted to be working with Daily Wake Up. We are always on the look-out for forward thinking and innovative ways to support our clients in their pursuit of sustainable employment. Daily Wake Up’s Smart Skills Programme is exactly that, and we are keen to have our clients benefit from their help”.

Linda McBride, of Daily Wake Up, has said “Making a very real difference to the lives of these individuals is absolutely at the heart of this initiative and Daily Wake Up is excited to be assisting Momentum Skills with this work”.

Daniel, a client from Momentum Skills, took part in the initial programme “to boost his confidence and speak up more”. He said that it was “good to be heard” and “interesting to hear how other people feel too…It was good and a lot of fun. I am going to miss it and I would definitely take part again when it comes back on”.

Derek, a client from Shaw Trust, also hoped to “build up his confidence and feel more motivated”. He also said that it “got my brain in gear every day and taught me new skills…and I would definitely recommend the programme to others”


Editor Notes

• This initiative started in February 2016, with a programme aimed at 25 participants. Daily Wake Up will now follow on from this course to better support Momentum Skills. The project, with live events starting on 3rd October is now expected to host over 50 participants.
• The initiative will also expand the support that Momentum Skills can offer to its supply chain partners. The long term aim is to help Momentum Skills empower their clients to sustain long term employment and ultimately, to improve their quality of life.

• Momentum Skills is part of Rehab Group UK and helps some 2,500 people each year achieve their goals.
• Momentum Skills works to empower people with disabilities and those who are excluded, to gain the skills they need to live independently and gain access to employment.
• Momentum Skills are Work Choice Supply Chain partners in Scotland for Shaw Trust, Capability Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council.
• Jamie Hughes is Head of Work Choice at Momentum Skills, where he has worked for the past 6 years. Lynne Gallagher is Work Choice Manager at Momentum Skills. For more information, or to arrange an interview with Jamie Hughes or Lynne Gallagher, please contact:

Angela Burns
Momentum Skills
Telephone – 0141 419 5299
Email -

• Daily Wake Up was founded by Linda McBride on 1st April 2015. Linda has 20 years’ experience in helping businesses to improve their performance and to develop their people.
• Daily Wake Up’s company vision is to affect positive change in the world by inspiring, educating and motivating individuals to unleash their potential.
• Daily Wake Up work with Individuals, Government, Third Sector and Enterprise organisations, providing their service to users they know will benefit from support to improve their lives.
• Daily Wake Up are keen to work with any organisation that feel they could benefit from applying this approach with their employees or clients.
• Linda McBride can be interviewed about this project. For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: