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Momentum Receives Charity Cheque From Apollo Offshore Engineering

Momentum Receives Charity Cheque From Apollo Offshore Engineering

Karen Vass of Momentum receives the cheque from Jon D’Arcy of Apollo, with some of the staff who ran the 10k race looking on.

Momentum’s Grampian Brain Injury Vocational Programme for adults with acquired brain injury has received a boost with a charity donation from Apollo Offshore Engineering.

A cheque for £1,442 was received from the Aberdeen based firm, whose staff raised the money by taking part in Baker Hugh’s 10k run.

Karen Vass, team leader with Momentum, was invited to Apollo’s office to be presented with the cheque and meet some of the people that took part in the 10k run.

Apollo Offshore Engineering is an engineering design and analysis service company.

Jon D’Arcy, managing director, said: “We decided to donate the money to Momentum, as a colleague and friend of mine suffered a brain injury, and he told me about Momentum and the great work they do. It was great fun to do the run, and we were delighted that some family and friends of staff joined our fundraising effort.”

The fastest time was 41mins by David Jamieson, a senior engineer with the company. However an honourable mention should go to Steve Leaper, support director, who completed the 10k run in 45mins, while suffering from tonsillitis!

There was a bit of friendly banter among colleagues about how long some had to train for the event – a timescale of 10 years was mentioned, although we imagine that was an exaggeration!

Jon said: “We are delighted to support Momentum, as it’s such a great service. You never know what’s round the corner and brain injury could happen to any one of us.”

Karen Vass added: “It was a great effort by all involved. Staff and clients at Momentum really appreciate the support from Apollo Offshore Engineering.”