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Michelle’s Story

On the 17th of June 2017, Michelle joined the Glasgow Momentum Programme in Drumchapel after being referred by her job centre advisor. Michelle had not been involved in employment or education/training in over 20 years and was very keen to make progress within the programme.

The Glasgow Momentum Programme supports people who are unemployed with a long-term illness or a disability to move towards economic and social inclusion. Through a variety of group and/or 1:1 sessions working with an adviser to agree an action plan that will allow Glasgow Momentum Programme staff to offer tailored support to ensure the needs of the individual are met on the programme.

During her first meeting Michelle expressed that her confidence was low and that mild learning difficulties and a lack of experience was stopping her from moving forward in life. Michelle hoped to gain greater confidence, meet new people and build a routine and structure for herself by joining the programme. Michelle was supported by her adviser to set out some short term and long term goals to work towards during the programme such as learning new computing skills, attending the personal development workshops and ultimately gaining employment in the distant future.

Michelle began Stage 2 of the programme and attended the personal development workshops twice per week for 8 weeks. She took part in a variety of different workshops including team building, confidence & self-esteem, motivation and positive thinking. Through these group sessions; Michelle built great relationships with her peers, learned new skills and explored her plans moving forward by goal setting. Michelle also participated in online training to improve her IT skills covering subjects such as online basics, internet skills, finding a job online and online safety.

Michelle really enjoyed the personal development programme and her positive thoughts each week in the group sessions expressed this. Michelle highlighted that she feels she has learned a lot by attending the programme; she has met new friends, gained confidence and learned new skills such as computing skills that she will now be able to use moving forward.

Michelle's participation was excellent within the group setting and her attendance and time keeping has been fantastic. Michelle has adjusted great to this new routine in her life and is confident she will be able to implement the new skills she has learned into her life.

In just over 5 weeks on the programme Michelle has successfully completed Stage 2 of the personal development programme, completing her online training course in IT and gained her certificate of digital skills and feels more confident in her computing abilities, she is now looking forwarding to continuing onto the next stage of the programme where she will be learning new employability skills to reach her end goal of employment.