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Masha’s Success

Masha’s Success

We are always delighted to share the success of those who take part in our programmes.

Masha’s story is no exception; Misha was referred to our Employability Fund programme as she had been struggling to find employment.

Thanks to the support and help of our employment development workers, Masha quickly started to overcome her barriers to employment which had been identified during earlier conversations with her employment development worker.

This allowed Masha to complete the Personal Development Award Level 3 with confidence and progressed onto the Stage 3 course to focus on completing the Personal Development Qualification Level 4.

During the Stage 3 course Masha took part in a work experience package where she could build her skills which would help lead her into employment within her chosen job sector.

Masha started her work experience at Abbotsford House near Melrose working in the Visitors Centre where she was quickly recognised as a valuable asset.

After Masha completed the Stage 3 programme she progressed onto Momentums Employability Work Choice programme. At this stage Masha expressed she would have liked a permanent position within Abbotsford house as she really enjoyed her experience there.

Through Masha’s hard work with her Job Coaches she was offered a part time position with Abbotsford House as she impressed them with her hard work and dedication!

We wish Masha all the very best in her future employment and a huge congratulations on the qualifications she achieved through the Employability Fund programme!