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Goodbye Kristina

Goodbye Kristina

Kristina with her hair that she cut off to raise funds for Momentum

Kristina was a recent graduate when she first joined Momentum Aberdeen in 2015 as a volunteer, supporting our tutors to deliver sessions. In January 2016, Kristina then joined Momentum Aberdeen on a temporary basis as a full-time Assistant Psychologist, working with brain injury and mental health groups. This was followed by securing a permanent full-time post, working as an Assistant Psychologist for Pathways Mental Health Service and Vocational Tutor for Employability Fund programme.

Kristina has been invaluable to Momentum; she cares deeply about helping others and will go out of her way to do so. This has been shown not just through the work she has done as a volunteer and staff member but her fundraising activities where Kristina decided she would cut her very long hair to raise money for the services that Momentum has in Aberdeen. This was the first time since she was a child that she had cut her hair short! This not only raised much needed money for us, but the hair itself was donated to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children with cancer, thus helping two charities at once!

Kristina is sadly leaving Momentum on 21st of December to take up the challenge of completing an MSc in Psychological Therapy in Primary Care. We wish Kristina the best of luck with her new challenge and hope that she will stay in touch.


Kristina with Momentum staff and clients at the 2017 Christmas party