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Joanne Serves Up Success

In November 2016 Joanne started on the Momentums Work Choice programme in Galashiels to help develop her confidence and overcome the barriers which where preventing her from finding and sustaining employment, which Joanne done through hard work and the support of her Job Coach.

Joanne has been unsuccessful in finding work on her own and was referred to Momentums Work Choice programme for help in understanding how to get over the barriers to find and sustain employment.

During her time on the Work Choice programme Joanne had expressed an interest in catering and was booked on the next available Catering and Hospitality course in the area by her work coach once she felt ready. Joanne thrived in this environment and quickly used her new found skills with the help of her Job Coach and landed her dream job!

6 months after being referred to Momentum Joanne successfully got a job working in the Asda Café in Galashiels as a Catering Assistant

Joanne stated:

“I am so glad I was referred to Momentum, they have helped me get to where I am today, I am so grateful!”

Scott who is Joanne’s manager at Asda Café Galashiels has stated:

“Every day Joanne comes in with a smile on her face and this brightens up the staff and customers day”.

Scott also added;

“If any employer gets the chance to work with Momentum give it a try as the support employers and staff receives is outstanding!”

We wish Joanne all the best in her new job as she continues to grow from strength to strength!