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Jamie’s Success on Fair Start Scotland


Before Jamie chose to take part in Fair Start Scotland he had been referred to Momentums Brain injury service were he has been accessing help for a brain injury since May 2013

In June of this year the Brain Injury service suggested he speak to our Fair Start Scotland team after he had fallen out of work. They had a chat with Jamie and were struck by how keen and enthusiastic he was.

Jamie sustained a brain injury at age 7 in a car accident, he spent close to a year in hospital recovering. Over the years since he left school he was in and out of work never quite sustaining work too long, in 2001 he joined the British Army Reserves serving in Iraq for 7 months and stayed in the reserves for nearly 5 years.

When Jamie started Fair Start Scotland he wanted to find a job that he can sustain for a long period, Jamie and his advisor started his journey with some personal development including Health and Wellbeing, confidence, Skills and abilities and Jamie was also introduced to an Occupational Psychologist who could also support him on his journey.

Jamie had Vocational Profiling which suggested he would be suited to a support role. We started looking at roles like this and a job came up with NHS Borders General Hospital as a hospital Porter.

Jamie applied and stated that this would be his dream job as when he was in hospital for all the time he spent as a child as the support he received from the hospital staff was incredible and he wanted to give that same service back.

When he heard he had an interview he was over the moon and spent two weeks in the momentum office every day preparing and researching. Other participants helped with mock interview as well as staff from all services it was a real team effort.

When Jamie came in to tell all the staff and participants at one of the groups that he got the job we all erupted into cheers and there was certainly a few tears of joy.

Jamie will be starting his job in December and we can’t wait to hear how he gets on in his dream job

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