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Hypnotherapy Success

In 2006 Rogan suffered a traumatic brain injury where he sustaining multiple injuries, after seeing a hypnotherapist  Rogan was able to  gaining control over his anxieties and deal with challenges resulting from his injuries.

Due to  the results hypnotherapy had for Rogan, he wanted to learn how it worked and completing his training at the end of 2013 to become a hypnotherapist.  Rogan is based in Edinburgh and works privately and voluntarily focusing on helping those with similar issues.

Rogan had been introduced to two of Momentum’s support workers through a Headway Conference earlier this year where he offered his services to a Momentum’s Social Evening providing a relaxation session. 

 Rogan then got in touch again explaining he had funding through Social Enterprise and would be able to offer his services for free to Momentum’s service users.

Rogan has since completed a 6 week block of 1:1 therapy sessions to 5 of Momentum’s service users with very positive results. 

Eddie McAuley who had been struggling to sleep and was only averaging 2 hrs sleep per night was very sceptical at first.  However after sharing in the course he feels the positive benefits of the programme and will continue to follow the advice given. 

He is now managing up to 6 hrs sleep each night and would like to thank Rogan for “putting him to sleep”. 

Other feedback comments received from the service users were:-

“Thank you so much, you taught me how to relax and I never knew it could be so good!!”

  “Please come back!”

 “I feel more relaxed now and I now know what to do if I get anxious”.