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Glasgow Momentum Programme Success

Glasgow Momentum Programme Success

In March 2018, George joined the Glasgow Momentum Programme in Drumchapel after being referred by his job centre advisor.

George had been out of employment since 2012 after being made redundant due to a health conditions, he was very keen to make progress with the programme by socialising with others, building on his existing skills and access different training opportunities.

To begin with George was supported to set out some short term and long term goals to work towards during the programme such as learning new computing skills, attending the personal development workshops as well as gaining a new qualification and possibly find volunteering opportunities.

George took part in a variety of different workshops including team building, confidence & self-esteem, motivation and positive thinking. Through these group sessions; George built on his existing skills and mapped out a plan for the future. George also participated in online training weekly in order to improve his basic IT skills such as using a mouse, using a keyboard and online security.

Throughout the programme George expressed a keen interest in first aid and we were able to access a course through Clyde College in our Drumchapel premises. George successfully completed the course and said he really enjoyed his day; he is now awaiting his certificate.

After much encouragement and support from his employment development workers Debi & Claire, George has now managed to successfully explore the local volunteering opportunities in his community and after enquiring with a new charity store at Drumchapel shopping Centre, he is very excited to tell us that he will be volunteering with them 1 day per week as of 20th June 2018.

"The course is helped me get my confidence up, learnt lots of great things. The staff have been very helpful" - George 

The Glasgow Momentum Programme supports those who are unemployed with a long-term illness or a disability to move towards economic and social inclusion. To learn more about the Glasgow Momentum Programme click here