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Falkirk Wheel Abseil Success

On Sunday the 19th of March 2017, Wen Qi, David Morrison, Amy Morrison, Adam Hunter and Jim Hunter visited the Falkirk Wheel where they were all prepared to abseil 100ft. They had all been sponsored to do the 100ft abseil in order to raise fund for Momentum Scotland.

This was a big step in particular for Wen and David who both work for Momentum in their head office in Glasgow as part of the finance team.

For Wen this was a great opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone and show her young son just how much of a  super mum she is!

David took on this challenge despite having a fear of heights, meaning the 100ft abseil above water was definitely a big challenge to take on; however he managed it with ease and a smile. David did have plenty of support on the day with his daughter, her boyfriend and his dad also taking part.

All those who took the 100ft leap did an amazing job with not only successfully completing the abseil but also raised an amazing £560 for Momentum Scotland!