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Fair Start Scotland - Success for Morag

Fair Start Scotland - Success for Morag

Morag started the Fair Start Scotland service with a lack of confidence, high levels of anxiety and low self-esteem from all the changes she had recently had to work through due to health issues. She was unsure what type of work she should apply for and felt disheartened to start her career over again.

Morag had previously worked in the care sector but due to a drastic change in her health was advised by her doctor to adjust her role due to the physical nature of the job. Morag was able to change to the house keeping side of care however she was then made redundant 4 months prior to joining Fair Start Scotland.

Together with her advisor Morag worked through the possibilities of new career paths and discussed the concerns she has about retraining and changing sector if needed. Morag decided she would like to try some training in hospitality and with support looked at possible courses available in her area.

Morag applied to college with support to complete the paperwork and was successfully invited for an interview for a Hospitality course. Morag said she was very anxious about the interview for her course so we worked through mock interviews and the most likely questions to be asked. On the run up to the interview Morag would write down any new concerns and with her advisor would address them at every appointment.

Morag went to her appointment and was successful in being accepted into college.

Morag went on to tell her advisor, if it wasn’t for Fair Start Scotland, she would have never taken the opportunity to retrain and get back into a learning environment.

Morag is now looking forward to starting her hospitality course 3 days a week and is looking at a part time placement to gain work experience as she learns.

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