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Fair Start Scotland - Success for Mark

Fair Start Scotland - Success for Mark

Mark was referred to the Fair Start Scotland service from his Aberdeen Job Centre in June.

Although Mark has a previous work history, he had not worked since April 2016 where he was a support worker for almost 3 years. Mark had very little confidence and only really spoke when he was asked a question.

Although only on the programme for a short time, an opportunity came up for a 4 week placement with Marks and Spencer's. I felt this would be a great opportunity for Mark and help to boost his confidence and interaction with other people with similar barriers to himself, Mark has Asperger's Syndrome but does not let this hold him back.
After discussing the details of the placement with his adviser Mark was extremely keen, he attended a 2 hour info/interview session and felt it went well.

A few days later Marks advice received the call that he had been successful and was going to start his placement where Mark was given the chance to work in the Homeware section.

After the 4 weeks were completed Mark was offered a position with Marks and Spencer's. He was extremely happy and his advisor saw a great improvement in his confidence during this time. During a small presentation by the Momentum team Mark received a certificate for completing his placement, during which Mark was chatty and his confidence had improved.