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College Success for David!

College Success for David!

David started working with Momentums Link Worker Janet Quinn in September 2016 after being referred to the STAR programme by DTTO (Drug Treatment Testing Order).

STAR supports people with substance abuse issue to identify their needs and support them to achieve their goals of further education, training and employment.

During the time that David was referred to STAR he was looking for support to abstain from illicit drug use, build structure and routines into his life so he could look to move on in recovery to an active and positive future.

David was provided with support to achieve this from his link worker Janet who helped David to identify different options and support that was available to him, looking at the reasons behind his drug use and supporting him to gain vocational qualifications which would allow David to reach his future goal of employment.

David felt his main barrier to all of the above were his criminal record, his previous drug use and his lack of qualifications.  He had previously worked on trawler boats but was unable to return to this type of work due to his physical health deteriorating. 

During his time on the STAR programme David has completed a variety of group work programmes which included topics such as abstinence management, relapse prevention, confidence building, self-esteem and discussion on recovery orientated systems of care.  David fully committed to the programme and this has made a hugely positive impact in his life. 

Unfortunately over the course of attending STAR David became homeless however with support from Janet he was supported to get his own tenancy and has now moved into this.  David has also been accepted to college and has started his course early, working hard to complete an NVQ in introduction to motor vehicle maintenance.  The success continues for David as he has already been told he has been given a place on the second year of this course as well. 

David feels that attending STAR made a huge change in his life as he got the support and encouragement that he needed to move forward in his life and actually achieved the goals that he set himself.  He enjoyed the group sessions as this let him feel “normal” as everyone at the group had been through similar experiences to David meaning he did not feel judged or isolated because of his past.  

David has already achieved most of the goals he has set himself and he is continuing to move forward in his life using all the tools that he learned when he was on the STAR programme.