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Big Hearted Scotland

The Bighearted Scotland Charitable Trust was formed in 1994 when a group of charities - including Momentum - decided to work together to raise funds for their individual causes.

Bighearted Scotland currently consists of six charities: Momentum, Epilepsy Scotland, One Kind, Penumbra, Spina Bifida and Erskine.

By supporting Bighearted Scotland, your donation works by helping a wide range of good causes for both children and adults with a range of issues including epilepsy, special needs, exclusion, disability, cancer, mental health and alcohol problems while also promoting environmental awareness and sensible drinking.

Bighearted Scotland has grown to be the leading charity partnership in Scotland. To date we have raised over £1 million to help thousands of children, teenagers and adults receive the best possible care and support that they need to achieve their potential and live happy and fulfilled lives.

To find out more about the work of Bighearted Scotland, the Bighearted Scotland Awards or some of the amazing overseas fundraising challenges available, please visit 

You can also donate to Bighearted Scotland through your payroll.

Payroll Giving or Give as you Earn is a way for you to make regular payments to charity directly from your pay, tax-free. Each time you are paid, a donation amount of your choice is deducted by your payroll department before tax is calculated.

Payroll Giving makes a huge difference to the work of all six charities that make up Bighearted Scotland.

If you are interested in Bighearted Scotland and payroll giving, please contact the Momentum fundraising team on 01543 404707 or email